Green : every inhale & exhale is poetry #3

cabbage-green fresh as spring before springtime
jade-green, sky-green like a tortoise dreaming
cabbage-green steamed into slick & glisten,
there is a tiny miracle on my
soon-to-be-forgotten lunch plate,
summer-forest-walk green
early-morning-moss green
mother-of-pearl green

the ordinary is beyond beautiful
when i take a graceful moment
to breathe in,
breathe out,
& really see
these tiny miracles
with every hurried timestruck cell of me,
the wondrousness
of life lovemaking me
inhale after exhale

& then i step out,
the everyday
the ordinary
the normal;
i’m walking & around me,
it’s Rio carnival,
i’m tripping on my
unadorned breath,
mucky grass jumps at me
textured poetic
i am learning green
for the first time,
ice-age green,
like these northern forests
i call home,
the forest shores
of my thirsty soul.


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