Tantric Woman. Human Being.


dear Beyonce,
i don’t know much about you and i have never really listened to your music; but today i stumbled upon a photo of you. you were resplendent.
you ARE resplendent.
the image bursts with colour & abundance & voluptuousness & life. you are the Divine Feminine in all its incarnations; beautiful, wise, nurturing, strong, introspective, quiet, transcendent, seductive, sexual- sacred.
‘i have 3 hearts’, you write later on, as you stand in your celebratory nakedness, one hand on your breast, the other on the swell of your pregnant belly.

these days, the oceans, the skies, the forests and the earth are crying, waiting for us humans to fully come together and heal the wounds we have inflicted in our short-sighted, desperate rush for resources.
these days, the world is even more scared than it was a few weeks ago.
everywhere ideologies of hatred are floating up at the surface, and it is starting to stink very badly.

and then you.
if ever there was an iconography for the re-awakening of the Divine Feminine, it is you, Beyonce, in these revolutionary photographs of your pregnant self.
it is not just about women reclaiming their space as spiritual guides, healers and teachers.
it is about humanity.
everywhere, men & women are exploring old & new ways of living respectfully with the natural world, with their fellow human beings and with themselves.
the Earth compassionately awaits our compassion.
our sexualness, so systematically smothered for centuries, is bursting forth from every direction, and slowly we are reclaiming the sacredness of our sexual selves, and relearning centuries’ old practices of conscious lovemaking.
all the ideologies of hatred, violence, repression and fear rising up hydra-like the world over are manifestations of this growing re-emergence, which you embody so effortlessly in your latest photographic poems, Beyonce.
you are a Tantric teacher, but you do not need that label.
a feminist, a revolutionary, and still, you do not need any label.
what you are, you simply are. FULLY. with each and every vibrant and vibrating cell of your self.

so thank you, Beyonce, for sharing these moments with us, for making the very internet shake as you reach out, in your celebratory authenticity; and finally, for reminding us that this world is not just the manipulative playing-field of the mighty in their houses of power but a place of hope, abundance, beauty, empathy and love.


(this was reposted from my original blogpost onĀ Soul Words)


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